Control your Facebook privacy settings


Thanks to Gou, our mascot, check how you can
control your Facebook privacy settings !


Are you very active on Facebook ?

Your profile includes so much informations about you, your family and your friends. If you don't check often your Facebook privacy settings, your data and photos could fall in the hands of unknowns.

Osculteo will help you to quickly configure your main profile's privacy settings, even if the best way to keep your private life, private, is to not reveal it on the Internet.


Do not put your profile on Google

1 - For that, go to Settings (small upper right arrow on the page), then click on Privacy in the left column.

2 - Identify the line “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” Pick NO

3 - Wait a few days, then your Facebook profile won't be shown on Google when you will look for your name.


Who can find you on Facebook ?

When you register on Facebook, you give your true name and your first name.

However, you have to know that even if you use a fake identity or a username, it is possible for someone who knows you a little bit to recognize you.

He can find you easily : thanks to an e-mail address, a Skype account, a phone number or the name of your school.

To be visible only by your friends, you just have to select Friends for the two settings that are above the search engines settings in the previous chapter.


Do not show anything to anyone !

By default, your text publications and your photos, are public (except for the 13-17 years old whose audience is limited to the friends, by default).

It means that all the Facebook users even the ones you don't know, can see, comment and share all the posts of your profile.

For more safety, you have to limit the access to your contents : we are better between friends !


To limit the display of your photos and status to your friends only :


  • For the posts :

Still in the privacy settings, on the line  “Who can see your future posts ?”

Select Friends

  • For the photos :

Select “Timeline and Tagging” in the left column, then configure the line

“Who can see posts you've been tagged in on your Timeline?” on Friends.

Check your main settings on your profile


Facebook has recently put a tool for everyone that allows you to check and change quickly and easily your privacy settings.

The Privacy Checkup Tool

To make a diagnosis, you have to click on the padlock on the right of the small upper right arrow on the page.

Then follow the steps !