Best practices on the Internet to be safe

Follow the advice of Gou, our mascot who will teach you some of the good practices on the Internet.

On the Internet, have a lot of fun but also remain safe above all !

  • If a stranger online asks you to send him/her pictures of you or to turn your webcam on, stop talking to him/her right away
  • Think before you post! Be careful about what you write about yourself or about your friends on your blog, Facebook, or other social networks. On the Internet, anyone can see what you post online : information, photos...
  • Do some cleaning ! If you log in from another computer than yours, don't forget to log out from your Internet accounts. If you don't, anyone can use the computer to post things on your name and steal your identity.
  • Don't believe everything you find on the Internet. Check the information with your family or at school.
  • Create and use several e-mail adresses : you can use or e-mail adress to exchange with your friends and another one for games and social media for example
  • Don't tell everything ! Never give personal information to anyone you don't know even if he/she is super cool with you.
  • Be careful with the photos : never post embarassing photos of your friends or of yourself because you can never know where they might be published later
  • Secure your accounts ! Always set your profile accounts on social networks to keep to the key to the information you want to share.
  • Be careful with passwords ! Never give the passwords to your social networks accounts to anyone and choose some complicated passwords (than you can remember of course) to avoid to be hacked.
  • Use a pseudo : only your friends and family can know it's you